Sunday, 13 May 2007

Lanesboro re-visited: Applebees for breakfast, two bugs and a leaf for lunch, pie for tea. A 28 mile journey on 2 wheels.

The day started off rather gloomy with sporadic showers in Rochester. However, weather in Lanesboro according to was benign. Upon this bit of info we set off for a day of cycling. It was darn windy though. So windy that 2 bugs and a leaf were blown into my oropharnyx and subsequently ingested(downside of being a predominant mouth breather on exertion).

Tea was fortunately more palatable. We chanced upon this cafe on our way back from Preston and decided to find out for ourselves after all the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.

a trio of banana cream, rhubarb and peach pies. Pretty tasty.

It panned out to be a darn nice day after all. Blue skies and sunshine. Just what the doctor ordered. My complexion will no longer be the same shade as the underside of a lizard. Yippee!!!

We ended the day with a mediocre sav blanc from Marlborough at a cafe overlooking the root river. After 28 miles of peddling, I'm more than pooped and suffering from bicycle backside. So it's off to an early night for me once I finish the last bit of an excellent cab sav by Merryvale vineyards(Napa). Salut!


Kieron said...

Pie! yumm.... I'm inspired to get me own bike!

PS that can't be Nat's picture can it? isn't she back in Singapore?

Nat said...

HA! Yes, Nat is back in Singapore, and in no waaaay do I look that good.
It's Carolyn Lam lah.