Sunday, 17 June 2007

A Sunday morning ride

Went for a nice long ride today with TK and K. Haven't been biking for a week thanks to my crummy schedule so today was biking with a vengence. It was a plus as the weather was pretty gorgeous.

We made a detour to George's place but unfortuantely we woke the dude up(that's bed head if you've ever seen one). It was nice catching up and making grand plans for next weekend.

So, this gets submited to National Geographic this month. This is probably my all time favorite shot simply because of the fleeting moment that Jackson remained silhouetted. It hit me that instant that what lay before me was a gorgeous photo op so I took several shots and what we have is the best of the lot. Hope this gets in.
I've almost forgotten how much I miss Japanese food till this evening when I embarked on a solo culinary excursion to Sakura in St Paul. Sashimi and sake, heaven.


TeamWilliams Shoots said...

You been tagged baby!!!!!! Pete and I am doing the "Five things to eat before you die" thing. Come post your top five eats before the end in our comments section. If the inevitable end point is death, lets enjoy the gastronomical route there lah. Don't shy. Great pic btw!

Benjamin Balmoris Jr said...

Hi Eugene,

This is a fantastic shot! Even if it doesn't get into NG it will definitely get noticed by other mags. I wish i took that picture.